Fresh Unblocked Proxy Sites

list of unblocked proxy sites - only working and fast proxies

I don't think that I need to explain to you what web proxy is. You know it! You are here because you cannot visit THE SITE. Below is a list of fresh unblocked proxy sites that will help you to bypass the web filter.

I do get many submissions, but I reject most. Mostly because of security. The proxies below are safe, but I'll still warn you: never use a web proxy to visit any private sites, like your bank account.

If the proxy is no enough (sometimes even proxies get blocked), think about a VPN. For occasional use, even a free VPN will be good. But again, only reliable free VPN (I can recommend the ProtonVPN) where you can find all the details about the company. Don't just go and use any free VPN you'll find. Especially on your phone, there are many fake/dangerous free VPN applications. Beware!

VPN - The Better Version of a Web Proxy

maximum security, no blocking, no limits, no logs, fully anonymous