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Welcome to HideFrom Proxy. Use this proxy site to anonymously browse other sites so you can get on sites that are blocked by your firewall in work, school or college. It can even help you to bypass censorship in some countries and show THE Blocked Website.

Web sites often track, log, and analyze:

  • your IP address
  • geographical location
  • web browser identification
  • and other personal information

HideFrom proxy can increase your anonymity as it hides your personal information such as your IP address from these web servers!

All that you have to do is type the website address you would like to visit in the form below and start browsing. Once you keep browsing via this proxy service, you are protected and your 'real' ip address is not being logged.

Stay Anonymous! Hide your IP address:

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Common proxy related questions:

Isn't Incognito Mode in my browser enough to protect my privacy?
Unfortunately, not. Not at all!

Private browsing And it doesn't matter whether you are using Incognito Mode in Chrome, Private Browsing in Firefox or Opera or InPrivate Browing in Edge.

The incognito mode will:
  • hide all websites you browse from your browser history (that's why it's often called porn mode)
  • delete all cookies once you close the incognito window
  • not save any data entered into online forms
  • not help you to surf anonymously
But it'll NOT:
  • hide your surfing activities from your ISP (Internet service provider), government, your employer or school
  • hide your geographic location
  • protect you against viruses & malware
  • encrypt your communication
Is there anything I can do to improve security?
Get a HTTPS Everywhere browser extension. It will force your browser to use HTTPS everywhere where it's available, so all your communiaction will be encrypted.
If you want the best protection: get a good VPN!
What's the best Youtube proxy?
There is no reliable proxy that will work with Youtube videos. At least not for a long time. If you want to access Youtube (or any other videos streaming site), just go a get a good VPN service.
How does proxy work?
Anonymous proxy site works as a "middleman". You do not connect to the website you want directly but via this site. So your computer goes to this site and the proxy script then goes to internet and access your desired website. So the website doesn't know anything about you.
I have a problem accessing a site, what shall I do?
Sometimes even proxy sites might be blocked, so if you have a problem, try some other proxy - we maintain fresh unblocked proxy sites list.
Is there a difference between proxy and VPN (virtual private network)?
Yes, there is. VPNs can hide and protect all your traffic, whereas web proxy works only in your browser. VPNs also gives you higher level of protection and encryption. The main drawback is that no good VPN is free and you have to pay for it.
How to hide internet activity from router?
To hide the websites/URLs you visit from router monitoring software you need to use either proxy, or VPN or TOR (sorted from the easiest way). Of course you can also use a combination like TOR browser and proxy.

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